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PolyCore Plantation Shutters are particularly suited to commercial applications such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and office buildings.

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There are many advantages to using plantation shutters in commercial applications, but this article will focus mainly on PolyCore.  For more information pertinent to all different types plantation shutters, you may want to view our article on Commercial Plantation Shutters as well. 


PolyCore is a traditional plantation shutter with a modern flair.  It has all the benefits of traditional plantation shutters, but utilizes modern materials and manufacturing processes for superior long-term performance.  They are highly durable and will far outlast draperies and other window coverings.  This is a good thing because plantation shutters never go out of style and PolyCore will look good far after other window coverings have either broken or faded.

Fire Retardant

PolyCore has self-extinguishing characteristics.  PolyCore meets the minimum requirements of flame resistance established by the California State Fire Marshal for products identified in Section 13115, California Health and Safety Code.  The scope of the approved use of this product is provided in the current edition of the California Approved List Of Flame Retardant Chemicals And Fabrics, General And Limited Applications Concerns published by the California State Fire Marshal.  Further, PolyCore is in process of obtaining ASTM national certification.

Commercial Installation Team

PolyCore also has a commercial installation option.  You can have the factory installers actually install your plantation shutters into your building.  This streamlines the entire build-out process, reduces mistakes, and provides for a higher quality installation.  What could be better than having the factory install for you?

Fast Lead Times

Normal production time is 14 working days.  For large commercial orders, an extra week or two is standard.  This makes PolyCore the fastest produced plantation shutter that I know of.  This simplifies commercial project management and streamlines the entire build out.


PolyCore is painted just like traditional interior wood shutters.  However, the paint is more durable because it is applied in a highly controlled environment.  A water born finish is baked on in a computer controlled facility to produce a fine, hard finish.  You never knew that shutters could look this good!

Manufacturing and Components
When making the rails, stiles, and louvers, an aluminum core is co-extruded into the solid polymer.  This provides for enhanced rigidity and durability.  The aluminum core is hidden inside the components and makes them much stronger.  It makes them so strong that PolyCore can be built with individual shutter panels out to 36 inches wide!  This does not limit the allowable window width, however.  By using multiple panels and intermediate T-posts, almost any window can be covered. 

Lest you think that we are overstating our case, the next time you are in a Home Depot or some other store, go over to the shutter displays and grab one of the louvers of those cheaper PolyWoodTM louvers in the middle and flex it up and down.  It is not difficult to flex them.  (Do NOT do this with vinyl shutters as you will most likely break the louver.)  When the sun heats those cheaper louvers, they WILL sag.  Further, the shutter panels themselves will sag.  This is why most other polymer shutters are only available with panel widths out to 28 inches or so.  They can not span the extra distance without noticeable sag in the louvers and the shutter panels.

One other important detail is that PolyCore plantation shutters are screwed together at the joint of the rail and stile.  The screws are run through the aluminum reinforcing in the stile into the aluminum in the rail and then capped.  This produces a much stronger joint. 


The screw together format also has a terrific advantage in that it makes the shutters extremely repairable.  Of course, it takes a lot to damage PolyCore plantation shutters, but if someone was successful in doing it, repair is quick and easy.  For example, if someone bent a stile, we would not need to ship you a new shutter panel.  We could simply ship you a new stile (or you could keep some material on hand just in case).  You would remove the screw caps, unscrew the stile, and screw on a new one.  Replacing rails and louvers are done in a similar manner.

Not all polymer shutters are created equal.  Not only does PolyCore have the hidden aluminum reinforcing, but it also has a harder shell which is resistant to dents and dings.  They also have self tensioning louver pins, so you never need to adjust the louver tension.


With PolyCore’s baked on finish, the only way they usually get dirty is if dust settles on them.  An occasional dusting is all that is needed.  Even if someone with greasy hands touches them, there is no need to worry.  Unlike wood interior plantation shutters, PolyCore can be cleaned with almost anything.  Do not use anything with abrasives or solvents, but normal household furniture cleaners are just fine. 


PolyCore plantation shutters are actually more versatile than most other types of shutters, whether they are made of wood or poly material.  They come with 2-1/2, 3-1/2, or 4-1/2 inch wide louvers.  They are available in specialty shapes to cover odd shaped windows including arch tops and lazy arch tops in both sunburst style and standard horizontal louver style.  They come in rake tops, hexagons and octagons, again in sunburst and standard style.  They can even be put over French doors and sliding glass doors.

One of the best ways to cover a sliding glass door is with PolyCore shutters.  A sliding glass door is used often.  Not only are the louvers tilted open or closed, but the shutter panels themselves are slid open and shut.  The durability and rigidity of PolyCore are a perfect match for this application.  We highly suggest the use of overhead tracks with sliding glass doors for PolyCore.  Next are some details about PolyCore and overhead track systems.  However, be sure to reference Plantation Shutters Over Sliding Glass Doors for more details and ways to cover sliding glass doors.

Overhead Track Systems

PolyCore provides for 2 types of track systems:  Bi-Fold and Bi-Pass.  Both track systems contain a 1” top header (mounting/dust board) to which the aluminum track is mounted.  Two 1” side legs are also supplied (if needed) to prevent light leakage and to stop the shutter panels.  To ensure the track system stays in place, an L frame is used as a support strip and added to the back of the top header.  A three inch valance is used to cover the aluminum track at the top to provide a finished look.

Bi-Fold Overhead Track Systems
Bi-fold Plantation Shutters contain shutter panels that are hinged together and therefore fold against each other, similar to a closet door.  The track helps to guide and support the panels.  Bi-fold panels can be configured to where panels open all to one side or to where they open to both sides of the door.  Panels must be hinged together in multiples of two.  A special frame is used with Bi-Fold track systems that supports the track and minimizes light leaks.

Bi-Pass Overhead Track Systems
Bi-Pass track systems are when two or more shutter panels are hung from an overhead track and slide behind and past each other.  Note that the louvers must be closed for the shutters to slide past each other.  Bi-pass plantation shutters are a great option for where space is an issue since the panels never protrude into the room.  This configuration is only available with a double or triple (or more) overhead track.  An extended overhead track is also available that allows the plantation shutters to be slid completely past the door for full view.


The full life cycle cost of PolyCore plantation shutters is quite low.  You can replace other window coverings several times during the lifecycle of a PolyCore.  Further, PolyCore costs much less than ANY comparable product…that is if a comparable product exists.  They cost less than PolyWoodTM which in my opinion is not near the quality of PolyCore.  Due to better manufacturing processes and higher efficiencies, you pay less.  Even better, all assembly takes place right here in the United States.  For a quote, please visit Pricing for Custom Made Plantation Shutters, or Contact Us with your details.  We will be happy to price anything you require.

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