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Our best selling plantation shutters.  Made from 100% solid basswood - Available in Painted, Stained, or Unfinished!  Best yet, if you want them painted, specify ANY national brand paint color you want for no additional price!  Details are below.

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Our best seller!  Basswood Plantation Shutters are high quality plantation shutters at a very reasonable price.  Basswood is used throughout the shutter industry due to its beautiful grain, fantastic staining properties, and resistance to warping.  If that were not enough, if you want your plantation shutters painted, you can specify ANY paint color you want for no additional charge!  See below for details.  Major features include:
  • Louvers available in 1-7/8, 2-1/2, 3-1/2, and 4-1/2 inch widths.
  • Elliptical louver profile.
  • Solid basswood construction.
  • Seven standard stains and three standard paints (view colors).
  • Custom paint colors are FREE - Simply go anywhere that sells paints and pick out one that you want at NO ADDITIONAL COST!  You do not need to buy the paint, but just write down the brand, color, sheen (semi gloss recommended), and whether it is latex or oil based so that you can input that information when you order.
  • Available unfinished!  See our instructions on How To Finish Unfinished Plantation Shutters.
  • Fully framed if desired.  You have your choice of Basswood frames and inside or outside mount to ensure best look and fit for your windows.  All frames come mitered and predrilled for mounting screws.
  • Includes all mounting hardware, hinges, and magnet sets to keep shutters closed.
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Free shipping on most orders.  See Pricing for details.
Options (NC indicates a No Charge option):
Available in on-line ordering system:
  • Louvers in 1-7/8, 2-1/2, 3-1/2, and 4-1/2 inch widths   (NC)
  • Choice of standard colors or stains   (NC)
  • Custom color matching available
  • Available unfinished (costs less)
  • Choice of shutter panel configuration   (NC)
  • Divider rails   (NC)
  • Choice of 5 standard framing and mounting options   (NC)
  • Choice of four hinge colors (Antiqued Brass, Bright Brass, Chrome, Nickel, White, & Oil Rubbed Bronze)   (NC)

Available by call-in order only:

  • All specialty shapes available with horizontal louvers
  • Arches available in radial style louvers (sunburst style louvers)
  • Overhead track available for sliding glass doors, room dividers, or very wide windows
  • Non-standard framing   (sometimes NC)
  • Fixed Louvers   (NC)
  • Double Hung   (NC)
  • Hidden Tilt Rod
For even more details, please reference the Basswood Specification Sheet.
Operable or Fixed Louvers:
Basswood Plantation Shutters are available with either operable louvers (standard) or fixed louvers.  The fixed louver option is popular when using plantation shutters for something other than window coverings.  For example, if you are using them for closet doors, room dividers, wall decorations, cabinet doors, etc., you may want to consider doing fixed louvers.  Louvers can be fixed in one of two manners:
  1. You can order your Basswood plantation shutters with standard operable louvers.  You can then adjust the louvers to any angle you desire and tighten the adjustable louver tension screw to fix them in position. 
  2. You can order your plantation shutters with fixed louvers.  This is a no charge option.  You specify at what angle you would like your louvers fixed and the factory builds them accordingly.  The factory fixes them in position by joining the louvers to the stiles using two dowels in each end of each louver.  When you do fixed louvers in this manner, the tilt bar is eliminated since there is no longer a need for it.
Basswood Plantation Shutters are made from solid basswood.  Basswood is used throughout the shutter industry due to its beautiful grain, fantastic staining properties, and resistance to warpage.
Basswood plantation shutters are assembled using dowel joinery, ensuring solid construction.  Louver tilting tension is achieved through an adjustable tensioning screw on each panel.  Stiles are 1-1/16 inch thick.  Rails are recessed in the traditional manner at 3/4 inch thick.  Heavier duty hinges are utilized and are mortised into the shutter stiles.  All hinges are premounted to the plantation shutter panels (not frame).  Plantation shutters come with all necessary hardware including magnetic catches to keep your plantation shutters closed.
The stiles on painted or unfinished paint grade plantation shutters may be made from multiple pieces of wood.  This provides for additional stability and resistance to warping.  This is sometimes referred to as finger joinery.  Stained shutters will not have finger joints unless the height necessitates it.  This occurs when the stiles are around 72 inches long or longer.  Even so, the "fingers" of the finger joint are NOT visible from the front of the shutters.  They are only visible when looking at the stile from the side.  The front maintains a smooth transition from one piece of wood to the next just like any other piece of fine furniture.

Delivery Times:
Current delivery times are posted on our Ordering page.

Basswood Plantation Shutters in Kitchen Nook

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