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Bi-fold All To Side plantation shutters with six shutter panels.

Bifold Systems
Bi-fold Plantation Shutters contain shutter panels that are hinged together and therefore fold against each other, similar to a closet door.  Panels can be free hanging or used with a track, which helps to guide and support the panels.  Bi-fold panels can be configured to where panels open all to one side or to where they open to both sides of the door.  Each configuration has its benefits, so please read below to find out which configuration you like the best.

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Interior Wood Plantation Shutters over sliding glass doors - L,L,R,R

Bi-Fold Interior Wood Plantation Shutters over sliding glass doors.

Standard Bifold:  The standard bifold configuration is our most popular configuration for plantation shutters over sliding glass doors.  It allows the plantation shutters to be completely opened away from the door and folded flat against the wall, providing a beautiful picture frame effect.  Alternatively, you can open just one side of the plantation shutters to go in and out of the door for quick access.  You can choose from any of our standard frames and mounts for convenient on-line ordering. 
Standard bifold plantation shutters are available with or without an overhead track.  However, if an overhead track is used, the shutter panels can not be folded flat against the wall when opened.  Overhead tracks are used in this configuration for additional structural support if desired or needed.
Ordering:  Can be ordered on-line.  If an overhead track or extended framing is needed, must be ordered by phone.

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Bi-fold All To Side:  The Bi-fold All To Side configuration is allows all plantation shutters to be completely stacked to one side of the door.  This provides a clean look and allows the plantation shutters to be opened with a single action.  For quick access to your door, you can open just the first set of shutter panels.  This configuration is only available with an overhead track for support. 
Ordering:  An overhead track is required and therefore must be ordered by phone.

Interior Wood Plantation Shutters over sliding glass doors - L,L,L,L

Interior Wood Plantation Shutters over sliding glass doors - R,R,R,R

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