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Wood Vertical Blinds:


Now the best wood blinds we have ever found have matching SOLID wood vertical blinds! These are a high quality alternative to cheap "wood look-alike" vertical blinds.  Our Woodmill Premium Wood Vertical Blinds are a beautiful part of the Woodmill family.  They are decorator-quality and made of 100% SOLID wood (no veneers).  Nothing compares to the beauty of real wood.  These are an elegant solution for homes that have patio doors and wood blinds.  Dollar for dollar, you will not find higher quality wood vertical blinds anywhere. 


Here are a few of the quality features:

  • Made with a proprietary millwork process that adds stability and beauty.
  • All parts are kiln dried to low moisture content prior to manufacture.
  • Woodmill comes with a furniture grade finish through a 4 step finishing process.  The 3 5/8 inch louvers are sanded silky smooth.  More on the finishing process can be read below.
  • Vanes are 3 5/8" wide and a FULL 3/16" thick (5 mil) !  That is much thicker than competitor's flimsy vanes.
  • Your choice of control options.  Available with a single wand that can both tilt and open the blind OR standard vertical cord and chain controls.
  • Your choice of draw. You can have the blinds draw all to one side, have them draw from the middle and stack to both sides, or have them draw from the sides and stack in the middle (see limitations below). 
  • A larger 4-1/2 inch decorative valance is standard, which does a great job of covering the head rail and providing a professional decorative look.  (Any valance over 96 inches wide will be spliced.)
  • A 6 inch decorative valance is optional!  For a very reasonable price, you can upgrade your valance to a 6 inch!  The 6 inch valance looks quite proportional even on large sliding glass doors and windows.  (Any valance over 96 inches wide will be spliced.
  • EASY INSTALL!  Detailed installation instructions included.
  • Painted or Stained, same price!
  • Premium quality head rail components are built to last.
  • Woodmill comes in many standard stains and colors.
  • Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty


Finishing Process:

Woodmill wood vertical blinds are made from 100% solid kiln dried Basswood or Canadian Cedar.  These proven wood species are widely used in window coverings and are virtually interchangeable in look and finish.  They resist bowing and warping and do an excellent job of accepting stains.  Only the highest quality staining, sealing, and sanding processes are used.  The wood vanes are sprayed with a unique sealer coat that provides for a very hard and durable outer shell, making the vanes less vulnerable to the elements while repelling dust and dirt.  This coating becomes especially important in patio doors where wind and water can be an issue.


The vanes on Woodmill wood vertical blinds are made through an edge-gluing process (NO fingerjoints).  This means that each vane is constructed of multiple pieces of wood (vertically).  This process adds stability to the vanes so that they resist bowing and warping.  However, with any long, thin pieces of wood, some slight bowing of the wood is normal and is not considered a defect.  There are NO finger joints in the vanes.


You will be able to notice that the vanes are made of multiple pieces of wood due to the fact that no two pieces of wood are perfectly the same.  This adds beauty and sophistication to the vanes and is very similar to the effect you see in any fine furniture.  You can take a look at some of the close up pictures on this page for illustration.  This is a more labor intensive and expensive manufacturing process, but it produces a superior looking and performing vane.  Even so, Woodmill Wood Vertical Blinds are almost always less expensive than any other comparable product.



  • One-way draws are available up to 108 inches wide only.  Beyond that a split draw or center draw must be used.
  • Wand control is available as a one way draw only.  For split draw or center draws with wand controls, you can do two one-way draws and mount them next to each other, covering them with a common valance.
  • Wand controls are always mounted to the lead vane.  Cord and chain controls can be mounted on either side of the opening.


Word of Caution:


What many competitors are advertising as "wood vertical blinds" are actually a wood veneer inside a vinyl vertical vane.  There is a difference!  The veneer products look much like cheap vinyl vertical blinds verses upscale, solid wood vertical blinds.  You can usually (not always) readily tell the veneer products by the vinyl channel that wraps around to the front of the vane, keeping the veneer in place.  Although these products can be less expensive, they in no way compare to the quality, look, and feel of the solid wood construction of our Woodmill Premium Wood Vertical Blinds.


Some other companies are products where the vanes are made of a solid piece of wood.  Although this is perfectly acceptable for horizontal blinds, this is NOT a good practice for wood vertical blinds.  Horizontal blinds lay flat and are supported by braided ladders.  Gravity actually works against any bowing or warping to which the horizontal slats may be prone.  Conversely, with wood vertical blinds, there is very little that inhibits the slats from warping.  Since the vertical vanes are long, thin pieces of wood, by nature they will be difficult to keep straight.  Thus, the edge gluing process described under the "Finishing Process" section above not only produces a beautiful looking vane, it is also produces a vane resistant to warping.  That is not to say that the vanes will not move at all, but they are definitely superior to any wood vertical vane simply made from a single piece of wood. 


The reason other companies offer a vertical vane made from only a single piece of wood is because it is much less expensive to produce.  However, Woodmill's prices are almost always lower than these other blinds anyway.  So with Woodmill wood verrtical blinds, you pay less and get more!

Delivery Times:

Current delivery times are posted on our Ordering page.


Wood Vertical Blinds front view


Woodmill 3-1/2 inch Premium Wood Vertical Blinds in color English Oak.  Wood Vertical Blinds pictured have wand tilt on left and standard 3-1/4 inch valance. Shown with wand control.  6 inch valance upgrade is available.

Wood Vertical Blinds, front view with louvers slightly open


Louvers open to softly diffuse the light.

Wood Vertical Blinds, front view with louvers closed.


Louvers closed to block out light and provide privacy.


Wood Vertical Blinds closeup


Closeup to show graining detail.


Wood Vertical Blinds, closeup 2


Closeup of Single Vertical Vane

Wood Vertical Blind Closeup 2


Look under Finishing Process at left to see
how vanes are engineered to reduce warping.


valance profile for Wood Vertical Blinds

Valance Profile for Woodmill
Wood Vertical Blinds

1/2" valance matches the profile of Woodmill 2" Horizontal Wood Blinds.



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Finally, upscale SOLID basswood wood vertical blinds - made exclusively to coordinate with Woodmill Premium Horizontal Wood Blinds!